Wittaya Pised


Wittaya Pised

Born on : 27 Décembre 1981

Nationality : Thaïlandaise

Education : Buriram Ramkumheang University, Bangkok



2009 to 2015 : Taem’s work have been exhibited in France, Germany and Australia, in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Amsterdam, London, Zurich, Taipei and of course Bangkok.



Wittaya Pised, or « Taem’ as he likes to be called, was born in Nong Kleua ; in the province of Buriram in the north of Thailand. Living in a modest family, Wittaya spent bigger part of his childhood taking care of farm beasts and to work on the field. It’s in those hard working days that he started to transform, into his own mind first, the everyday life’s beauty he was witnessing into drawings and paintings.

In the beginning self-taught and not having any art lesson until the age of twelve, his art teacher in school saw huge potential and talent in young Wittaya and encouraged him to develop his art.

Wittaya quickly joined in local competitions and managed to always be in the top of his province in water paintings, while he was still in high school.

Divided by passion for paintings and a police career, Taem, in his twenties moves to Bangkok to study political science whilst he continued to paint in his free time between school and job.

Quickly, rumor spreads that young Wittaya was a talented artist. Interested and touched by his art, many influent artists helped him to expose his art in the United States and Europe.

Taem’s art comes directly out of his heart, feelings and emotions. Creating colors that are made of oil paintings on iron and steel, he tries to show glimpses of his homeland, the simplicity and generosity of its authentic Buddhist inhabitants.

His simple life and experience as a son of farmer, humble student pushed him into using simple materials, of his everyday life; that some might consider as not a big thing and inappropriate in  an artistic way. Lotuses and birds of his childhood continue to forge and define his work as an artist and be his marks as a now renown artist.