Tanarug Sangpradub


Tanarug Sangpradub

Born in : 1977 in Nakhon Si Thammarat, Thaïland
Nationality : Thaïlandais
Education : Diploma of Visual Communcation
University Rajabhat Suan Dusit Bangkok, Thaïland



2003 : Group Exhibit, Pattrvadee Gallery, Bangkok, Thaïland

2003 : Solo Exhibit, Deep Gallery, Bangkok, Thaïland

2003 : ART WAY, Group Exhibit, Na Pra Ian Gallery, Bangkok, Thaïland

2004 : Wordwide art Exhibit, Ebisu Esat Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

2005 à 2009 : Exhibits in various galleries in South East Asia

2011 : Salon Art3G, Salon d’art (27.000 attending), Palais des Expositions, Nice, France

2012 : Salon Art Madrid, Salon d’Art (38.000 attending), Pabellón de Cristal of the Casa de Campo Park, Madrid, Spain

2014 : Salon Eurantica, Salon d’Art (47.000 attending), Palais des Expositions, Bruxelles, Belgium



The Artists

« Presently, I live in Bangkok which is far away from my hometown in the south of Thailand. This distance created in my certain nostalgia which is the main source of my inspiration in paintings.

I seek for an inspiration in my childhood souvenirs that are marked precisely in my memory.

In very early age, I lived with my grandfather in my hometown and he used to spend days and days making clay toys so I could play and have fun. Me, I’ve spent those days with him, watching him creating those small cows in clay. Even though we haven’t shared many words, for me the most important thing was to spend those days without him than to get toy in the end of the day.

Those are the deepest memories, time of happiness and innocence, spent with my grandfather and clay cows. Nowadays, when I take brush, I like to paint  colorful and joyful images which always remind me of amazing time with him and cows.”