Piya Paikhiaw


Piya Paikhiaw

Born on : 23 octobre 1980
Nationality : Thaïlandais
Education : Lycée (self-taught)



2009 : “Reo Black 2009”, Common Exhibit, Grand Hall, River City Shopping Complex, Thaïland

2010 à aujourd’hui : “The Art of Life”, Exhibit of  Contemporary Art, ARTS & Spa Sri. n°2, Thaïland

2013 : Chiang Mai Year 717th, Nacha Artist Residence, Honorable laureate, Thaïland

2014 : Salon Eurantica, Salon d’Art, Palais des Expositions, Bruxelles, Belgium

2015 : Auctionning in Milano, Belgium



The Artist

“I started to paint and draw since I was very young, but I wasn’t doing only painting while I was growing up, I also tried and other forms of an art such as sculpture and metallurgy, because I believe that every artist needs do try and work and on the other forms of art, but I have never abandoned my passion for painting. All I ever learned, I learned alone and by myself and I paint constantly since I was 25. I’ve tried numerous styles in my art (classic, abstract, modern) because I wanted to develop myself and to gain as much experiences as I could. But last 10 years I’ve been working only abstract artwork owing to the fact that I really appreciate that style and that it suits me  as an artist.

When people ask me where do I find an inspiration for my artwork, I like to answer that every person has different inspiration just like every person has different favorite artist. For me,  I’d say that Jackson Pollock is an artist that influenced me the most. Right after seeing one of his artworks for the very first time, I felt a flash of an inspiration and I felt so I touch with his style that I have incorporated a few of his techniques in my personal work just right to the point where his work is matching mine in a perfect way. Of this mix comes out an artwork that really correspond with what I love and want to do.

I think that art should never stand still. I try to find every day a new way of how to create and improve my art.

The elephants

“I started to paint my elephants after living in Chiang Mai in 2008 and it has been 6 years since I’m painting only them. I paint other animals as well but never that good as elephants.

Usually I like to start by highlighting at which point people can have different visions of an elephants.

For me, an elephant is an massive animal who possesses strength and power but who is also innately mild and tranquil. Deep down inside and by showing his habits, elephant is an animal that loves and appreciates peace. However, he will never hesitate  to prove his force if its necessary to defend himself or his family. Overall, its an animal that inspires me with its softness and generosity and its will to live in peace with his family.

Sadly, elephant is usually used by people (mount, war animal, working animal  or even just for th spectacle and amusement) since forever.

So I work mostly on representation of an elephants. Personally, the best way for people and elephants to coexist is that relation master/beats goes through art.

For me, an elephant is perfect  reflection of our spirits and its ideal way for me to express my emotions.”


“ I work using an abstract style because I think it’s the best way to show intensity and depth of feelings that we have in our hearts. Sometimes I think about feelings and ideas that  cross spirit in all of us and myself and impossibility to mesure them or to express them wholly.

I believe and I think that I will create and produce until the end of my life. Maybe I’ll even try other styles or other motives but deep down, I think that wherever it leads us, art should never die.”