Kowit Sernklang


Kowit Sernklang

Born in : 1975
Nationality : Thaï
Education : Diploma of  Fang Chanupatham School



2004 à 2009 : Fifteen exhibits in various galleries in Bangkok

2009 : “See, Saw, Seen”, Group exhibit, River City Shopping Complex, Bangkok, Thailand

2010 : “The Art of Life”, Contemporary Art Exhibit ARTS & Spa Sri n°2

2011 : Melbourne affordable art fair, Salon d’art contemporain, Melbourne, Australia

2012 : Salon Art Madrid, Salon d’Art (38.000 attending), Pabellón de Cristal of the Casa de Campo park, Madrid, Spain

2014 : Salon Eurantica, Salon d’Art (47.000 attending), Palais des Expositions, Bruxelles, Belgium

2015 : Salon des Antiquaires de Bordeaux, Salon d’Art, Palais des Expositions Bordeaux-Lac, Bordeaux, France



The Artist

A self taught painter and drawer, Kowit Sernklang likes he most to mimic real life photos of animals and people, using his carbons and pastels. Once he is done selecting his subject, he makes a very meticulous job of recreating on the canvas every single detail from the picture, adding to shadows, reworking colours and drawing lines until every single detail lives up to his (high) expectations. A master of copy – but never an imitator, he sees in his work a search for the real and true impressions of life, sometimes spendings hours on a detail until his works are, well, realer than the real one. He use this time of works, not thinking about hours or minutes passing by, to let his mind wander hand his hands work by themselves. It’s this reflection, close to mediation, that he tries to exhibit in his works, subliming by this added sense, the original picture that inspired him.