Aranya Khun


Aranya Khun

Born on : 31st of May, 1978

Nationality : Thaï

Education : Rajchamongkol Institution, Pohchang Faculty



1998 : “An Art Object” Exhibition & “Colour& Light”, Poh-Chang Institution

2001 : “Thesis”, Poh-Chang Institution

2001 : Young Art Artist Exhibition of Thailand No.36, The Queen Siriket Gallery, 2nd place award.

2009 : “Art Variety” Exhibition, River city

2011 : “Thank V64 art studio”, V64 art studio

2011 : “Lady first”, V64 art studio

2012 : Exhibition Grand Opening V64 Art Studio Bangkok Thailand.

2012 : Exhibition “Femmes” The Plantation hotel gallery zone Phnom Penh Cambodia



Even if they are often colorful and full of a childish innocence, Aranya’s works remains the expression of a darker side of her spirit. Characters she is creating in the priority are inspired by her imagination but she tries in a way to describe sentiments she is confronting in life, and troubled and hurt past. In the very beginning Aranya was painting to show and speak about issues that were haunting her, such as – poor family and childhood, misery, profound sadness and existence- but her work was made of bright colors that made reality and hard life look a bit softer and look like a dream. Her work, example, the kids that are presented and shown here, are more soft and clear, even though ray of sadness and darkness is existing in these supernatural faces, blank and dark eyes, like there was a secret hidden deep behind bright colors and pearly reflects. This work represent her vision of beauty and innocence because, for Aranya, every personage or object posses one deep and essential duality. Beauty indeed is not all the time enlightening and radiant, can also present profound sadness and melancholia: which Aranya always wants to show to world like it’s her own testimony.