Pajonyut Puvijarn


Pajonyut Puvijarn

Born on : 19 avril 1973
Nationaliy : Thaïlandais
Education : Institut des Beaux-Arts, Bangkok, Thailande



1998 à 2015 : More than 30 exhibiti throughout all Thailand and World

2000 : Common Exhibit, David Gallery, Hong Kong

2002 : 6 months of Exhibits in USA (New York & Chicago)

2007 : “Siam’s Art and Painting », Private Gallery, Monaco

2008 à 2010 : A dozen of exhibit throughout all Europe

2011 : Salon Art3G, Salon d’Art (27.000 visiteurs), Palais des Expositions, Nice, France

2012 : Salon Art Madrid, Salon d’Art (38.000 visiteurs), Pabellón de Cristal of the Casa de Campo park, Madrid, Espagne

2014 : Salon Eurantica, Salon d’Art (47.000 visiteurs), Palais des Expositions, Bruxelles, Belgique

2015 : Permanent Exhibit, Institut culturel Magrez, Château Labottière, Bordeaux, France



The Artist

The paintings of Pajonyut Puvijarn is definitely inspired by landscapes and persons who marked his everyday life in Bangkok. Pajoniut enjoys painting lotus that bloom next to the river that he used to cross while taking long walks in the countryside around Bangkok.  He also delight in representing holy things inspired by monks that he can meet on a way back or faces of Buddha that he takes picture of – an old Polaroid he never quits- on the front of the temples.  This duality of his connection to both water and spirituality can be found in his way of painting.  Pajonyut paints only with a knife and by applying huge quantity of an oil painting which gives to his art an impression of fluidity and elegance, which he likes to finish by putting thin layer of golden leaves  which encourage meditation.